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I was born and raised in New England, with 4 brothers. I developed, during my life journey, the need to protect others. I would always protect or defend my little brother, as I got older this extended to anyone that would not stand up for themselves. My mother gave me the nickname, Brenda the Avenger. I took it as a compliment and wore it as a badge of honor for most of my life. This blog is a journey from being the victim of various abuses to viking (Brenda the Avenger), protecting others in a way I was never protected, to a peaceful soul. I have a peaceful soul more often than not these days, but God tends to bring my attention to things I need to face, when he feels the time is right. I will explain in a general way, what I was like, what happened and what I am like now. As new struggles come up I will share them all in a solution oriented way.

Spark Joy Progress & Procraftination


I feel pretty good considering I got distracted and went down some bunny trails doing craft projects.  I finished the clothing portion of the process and organized my crafts in the process.

You know I really didn’t think I was going to enjoy folding my clothes and I was very sure I was not going to be able to fold them in bundles that would stand on their own.  My aversion to folding clothes goes back  forever, I would have clean clothes in one pile and dirty in another.  I have to say that I really enjoyed the folding process once I saw that it worked the way Konmari said it would.  I was almost giddy with excitement.

This is the folding process and results:

12920459_10208301170121315_5306092804872632823_n 12928283_10208301170361321_7062381045929586756_n - Copy 12321454_10208301170441323_7762112372167087169_n - Copy 12933069_10208301170681329_663064206558150551_n - Copy 12321513_10208301170761331_5719482715210287830_n - Copy

Here are my before pictures, I forgot to include my dresser drawers in the before shots.

DSC_0329 DSC_0326 DSC_0325 DSC_0322 DSC_0321

Now after!!

12938156_10208311126010206_311248312285764248_n 12923092_10208311125690198_2179164082781245525_n - Copy 155159_10208311125250187_459082832218539220_n  12932819_10208311124770175_2918018467567805479_n 12933062_10208311125330189_3026240793069423652_n 12961654_10208311125610196_4211650410989611951_n

Now for my creative activities for the weekend…I re-energize when I do crafts.  I love my table now!!

458_10208307436477970_2365114725038228682_n 1501711_10208307436517971_7651814889235923638_n - Copy 944317_10208309697774501_6348949507940579857_n - Copy

Maggie my partner in crime..she was under foot all day, but I love when she gets snugly.

12670515_10208307436917981_3163341762427848053_n - Copy

Next is books and then papers.   I feel more procrastination coming on.

Is this how you fold your clothes?  What do you think of the results?  Would you do this?

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Spark Joy KonMari Method – My Procrastination


Okay, I have a confession.  I am a master procrastinator, I don’t really realize that  I am procrastinating until I have been doing while.  Over the past couple of weeks I have told myself that I have to finish these craft projects and it will be easier. Then I thought I could do it a little at a time, but I just undo what I did the night before.   Oh, I have to do some blog posts, yes I am in the middle of procrastinating right now.  I decided this weekend is it!!  I am doing a Marathon Tidying to be completed by  Sunday night.

Marie Kondo suggests  having before photos or a video to look back on when you are feeling frustrated or like it’s too much.  Although I know it gets worse before it gets better.   I have linked my before video to share with you as motivation for me to get my butt in gear.

The theme is keep only things that give you joy and have a place for everything so you know where it goes.  A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

My before video

Watch for my after video on Sunday night!!

Does anyone want to join me?

Spark Joy by Marie Kondo41BNtvcB7PL._AA300_


A Simple Fall

Good morning,

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. This made me think of my mom and how a simple fall almost killed her.

This week in 2009 I was working for the newspaper and we were working on quarter end close when my cell phone rang.  It was my brother, as soon as I saw his name my heart sank,  I knew something was very wrong.  It is 6 am in California and  my brothers don’t just call to chat.

I hear him say, “Mom is at the hospital and having brain surgery right now.”  I immediately started crying and he handed the phone to his wife, Carol.  She got my attention and calmed me down.  My mom was 75 and had had 2 strokes by this time in her life.   She relayed the details as she knew them.

My mom was an accountant for her church and when she was walking down a walkway she tripped and fell on her face.  Her hands didn’t make it out to catch her and she hit face first.  Being as stubborn as she is she didn’t want to go to the hospital, but her face and teeth were so badly damaged she finally agreed to go.  She was going to need stitches and dental surgery.  While she was there they did a CT scan and found that she  had a subdural hematoma and they needed to do emergency surgery.

My boss at the paper let me take the week off and a friend used his miles to fly me to California to be with my mom.  She is one tough lady and she does not like to be unable to take care of herself.  The CCU nurses had their hands full with this one.  She was sick of people asking how she felt and does she need anything.  I generally deal with this kind of stuff with humor.  My brothers were having a tough time with all of this, I was too, but I guess I never actually saw them this worried.  Carol and I took our turn in visiting mom and when we came in she smiled.  I didn’t realize that at this point the incision was exposed and it looked like a zipper in a big C around her head.   Carol and I said together that had we known that the staples were visible we would have brought refrigerator magnets.  My mom and the nurses started laughing.  We all needed a light moment.

Scripture Flower
Scripture Flower

She recovered remarkably from this surgery, but if she hadn’t gone to the hospital and had the CT Scan she would have died.  Most people don’t want to go to the hospital, but when you hit your head or have been in an accident where your head was whipped around in some way it is wise to get it checked out.

Webmd on subdural hematomas

Symptoms of subdural hematoma can include:

I have found that especially now, we need to educate ourselves and take part in our medical treatment.

Be safe!

Tell me what you think.

Brenda the Brave


My Dream House – Oh how it stirred my soul!!


I love the spring, except for the hail storms we are getting here in Texas.  I posted about my Spark Joy-My Dream House.  Ever since I wrote this down I really want it!!  My desire to live in a space that gives me that feel of unity, color, creativity and comfort that feels like you just got a BIG HUG, has movitated me to finish my Spark Joy Marathon Tidying this weekend.  I purchased chaulk based paint and shelf liner paper to unify and spice up my current living space.

I have all my before pictures so as I complete each step, I will take after pictures and post them for all to see the transformation.

I want to hear from YOU!  What is you dream living space/life style?  Do you already have it? If not, sky’s the limit what would your space and place look like? where would you live?

You’d be amazed how much it stirs your soul to write about something that gives you joy!!

Tell me your story..

Brenda the Brave