I Want to, But…

Hello All,

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how I have been feeling STUCK.  I am a B personality with A tendencies.  I can’t stand to be bored in my job or in life in general.  That is why I have so many hobbies and creative things I do.  I rotate them so I don’t get bored.

I work with some great people and that is the biggest part of what makes a happy work environment.   I usually get bored with a position within a year of starting it.  My current position has kept me VERY busy and challenged for 6 years.  That is a record for me, but I am facing some realities at this point.  Due to the size and leadership structure, there is no place for me to advance, or transfer to in this company.  I am very good at what I do, but in many ways it doesn’t satisfy me.  I have always known this, but it pays the bills.

Should the choice be employed or happy?  No!!  If you aren’t happy doing what your are doing then figure out what would make you happy.   Yes, there are many people, including myself, who have financial restrictions of varying types.  When you choose to  make the leap and you really are willing to put in the work then you can make anything happen.  I have heard this from many people, “Success looks a lot like work.”  This is so true!

I am not saying quit your job, then figure it out.  This is where you do the preparations while you are working until it’s time to take the leap.

NOONE has the perfect life!  There is always a price that has to be paid at some point.   When I say nothing is free, I mean NOTHING!  You have to give something up to have something else.  YOU get to choose!  There is always a price, trade off and you decide if it is worth the price.

I spent many years trying to figure out what I thought would make me happy.  I know today what that is…wait for it.   Back to my conversation, my friend agreed that she was feeling the same way, but it’s too late to make a change in career now.   There was a time I would have agreed with her.   Today…not so much.

I know what I want to do!  My life up has been preparing me for this line of work since I was born.  For me the experiences I have had are the price I had to pay to be able to do my dream job.  Perspective is everything!

My passion is helping others through the transitions we have to make in life.  Finding that place where your soul and the world meet. In this place you know it will all work out the way it should.  I enjoy a hybrid of Eastern and Western medicine.  I lean East though.

I have been hesitant to put my idea or plan in writing on my blog, but seriously if someone wants to do this in their area then DO IT!  It is a fabulous plan, but a TON of work, training, and finding capital, doing a business plan and getting all the RIGHT people together.

All this to say, I am older than my boss and for me it’s not too late! For me…the time is EXACTLY RIGHT!


My next blog entry will be all able my vision…

What do you think? Inspire me!!