My Dream House – Oh how it stirred my soul!!


I love the spring, except for the hail storms we are getting here in Texas.  I posted about my Spark Joy-My Dream House.  Ever since I wrote this down I really want it!!  My desire to live in a space that gives me that feel of unity, color, creativity and comfort that feels like you just got a BIG HUG, has movitated me to finish my Spark Joy Marathon Tidying this weekend.  I purchased chaulk based paint and shelf liner paper to unify and spice up my current living space.

I have all my before pictures so as I complete each step, I will take after pictures and post them for all to see the transformation.

I want to hear from YOU!  What is you dream living space/life style?  Do you already have it? If not, sky’s the limit what would your space and place look like? where would you live?

You’d be amazed how much it stirs your soul to write about something that gives you joy!!

Tell me your story..

Brenda the Brave

What do you think? Inspire me!!