My Identity Statement – Matthew Hussey Retreat

  • I am a strong woman who owns her power!
  • I am beautiful inside and out!
  • I am loving, kind, caring and generous!
  • I am a great friend and surround myself with amazing people!
  • I am financially responsible!
  • I am loving to my mind, body and soul!
  • I am a role model to all who know me.
  • I love openly and accept love freely.
  • I take risks in order to improve myself.
  • I accept feedback with grace and discard what is not useful.
  • I am a confident woman who knows who she is and is creating who she want s to be!!
  • I am a woman of action!
  • I surround myself with positive supportive people.
  • I am a woman who helps others up and asks for help when I am down.
  • I am a woman who has overcome great odds, which demonstrate that anyone can move from the dark into the light if they choose to take the action.
  • I am silly, funny, have a thirst for knowledge and am a social being.
  • I am active and I show myself love everyday!
  • Every action I take is from a place of love and strength.


I am enough!!
I am enough!!

What do you think? Inspire me!!