My Top 10 Rose Ceremony


Actually I’m choosing sunflowers because the following 10 people and things that brighten up my life.  I have chosen to keep them in my life forever!!

  1. The first sunflower goes to Carol , my sister-in-law.  She is my soul sister in this journey of personal and spiritual growth. We are on the same path even tho we are thousand of miles away.  You always lighten my spirit and I can tell you anything.  Will you accept this sunflower?
  2. Next is Dianne , my dear friend, who has stood by my side during work craziness and personal crisis.  We laugh together so hard it hurts and we do our “annual”, when everyone can make it, DFW tours:  I live in a penis  and DFW Penis Expedition 2013.  Visit her blog by clicking on the the links.  She is a hoot and one of my best friends.  Will you accept this sunflower?
  3. Next is Lauren, who I met through a past relationship.  I got Lauren out of the deal and I definitively got the better end of the deal.  She has been with me through thick and thin and joined us on the DFW Penis Expedition…I love these girls!  Will you accept this sunflower?
  4.  Next is Dodie, who has been in my heart from the day we met.  She has survived the loss of both her children and is, somehow, still able to walk through each day and help others.  I knew and love both Bradley and Ali.  I miss them deeply.  Dodie I love you so much, you get a special bouquet of sunflowers, feathers and humming birds flying around.  Will you accept this gift of love?
  5. Next is a pair not to be separated Amy and Shy, these are friends, family and souls from across time.  They both know every detail about me and love me anyway.  I would not be here today if not for them.  I love you both!!  Will you accept these sunflowers?
  6. Another team effort Renee, Barbara, Lisa, Anne, Robbie, and Jo and Janna!  You have all changed my life right to the core and have given me hope, love and a future I could never have dreamed of.  I need you all forever...will you accept this shower of sunflowers?
  7. Miss Dee!!  Oh how you have brightened my life and unknowingly walked me through some of the toughest trials of my life.  We laugh and cry together and our hearts are like one. we walk in the same foot steps and find our way to the light.  YOU are always in my heart and my thoughts!!  Will you accept this huge bouquet of sunflowers?
  8. My cats, past and present, Whiskers, Boots and now Maggie!  Miss Maggie you keep me so entertained and you give so much love.  I can always count on you!  Boots and Whiskers you both would do all you could for me when I was sick and just loved.  You all make life worth living!!
  9. My camera!  Through photography I get to see the world from various perspectives.  The common become extraordinary!
  10. My God, who has given me all of these people and things and so much more!!  Everyone in my life I am so grateful and I love you all!  I know that God always has been and always will be in my life!

3 thoughts on “My Top 10 Rose Ceremony”

  1. So sweet! Thank you! Of course I’ll accept it…and do an interpretive dance to show my appreciation. Perhaps I’ll wear my coconut bra and hammer pants…just for you. Love!

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