The last time my heart melted was…

The last time my heart melted was on my birthday weekend in 2015.  I went to Galveston, TX to get away and recover from heartbreak.  A friend of mine, Katie and her son Drew, who was around 2 years old, joined me for the weekend.  I needed the comfort of a friend, but I was not sure how relaxing it would be having a 2 year old around.  In general, there are only a few small children who have taken to me.  I just assume they will cry when I hold them.

We went out to eat. went to the beach, watched the sunset and hung out at the house.  They showed me around Galveston and we went shopping one of the days.  Drew let me hold him and was very content.  There was a moment when we were getting ready to leave the house to go to the pier and Drew reached up and grabbed my fingers.  My heart melted and I looked at Katie and said, as I pointed to Drew holding my hand, “that just made my weekend!”  I will never forget it!

It is the moments that take me by surprise and honestly most of my heart melting moments involve the children of close friends.


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