“Courage, Compassion & Connection

Will be my constant companions”

Brene’ Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection


This is what courage feels like to me, taking that leap of faith.  I have not been able to identify the artist of this picture, but when I do I want to get this for my bedroom.

There are days when it takes courage just to get out of bed in the morning, to not put the mask on and just be.  I am not totally sure I know who I am under the mask.  Leaving that mask off means that I have the chance to make real meaningful connection, which again takes courage.  I have to remember that having survived my past does not make me damaged or broken; it makes me strong, courageous and maybe scarred, but my scars are beautiful.  Surviving is a gift and my baggage is filled with gifts.  My gifts of empathy, love and compassion can be shared to help others live, love and see their own courage.

Compassion, hmmm….this is tough.  I believe that you can’t give away what you do not have.  Well, I feel like I have so much compassion for others, but it is so hard for me to show myself compassion.  What does that mean? I have had so many people reflect to me that I need to show myself love and compassion.  The only way I know to start is to ask God to help me in this area and then take the actions to care for myself the way I would a hurting child.  Sometimes courage is that small voice that says..”I’ll try.”

God help me…I’ll try today.


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